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How to create email forwarders in cPanel

Now that you know the difference between a regular email account and an email forwarder, here's how to set up an email forwarder:

Login to cPanel

Click the Forwarders icon in the Mail section

Click Add Forwarder.

In the Address to Forward text box, enter the address for which you wish to forward incoming email and select the desired domain from the menu.

Select one of the following options:
Forward to email address - Select this option to forward incoming email to another address. Enter the address to which you wish to forward email in the text box.
Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time) - Select this option to discard incoming email and automatically send a failure notice to the sender. Enter the desired failure message in the Failure Message text box.
Click Advanced Options to view the following additional options:
Forward to a system account - Select this option to forward incoming email to a system user. Enter the desired username in the text box.
Pipe to a program - To automatically forward incoming email to a program, enter a path to the program, relative to the account's home directory (for example, utilities/ in the text box. For more information, read the Pipe to a Program cPanel documentation.
Discard (Not Recommended) - Select this option to discard incoming email without any failure notice.

Now, when you go back to the Forwarders section, you will see a list of the existing forwarders.

Do not create an email account (Add/Remove Accounts link) when using the Forwarder option.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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