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What is the difference between an email account and a forwarder?

An email account allows you to send and receive emails and an email forwarder is an email address that allows you to use a different email handle that forwards emails to your primary email name. For example, let's say your primary email handle is but you also create the email forwarders and If anyone emails the latter email addresses, the email will be forwarded to Here are the main differences between an email account and an email forwarder:

Email Account
Full email account
You can send and receive emails
All emails sent to email forwarder are sent here

Email Forwarder
All email sent here is forwarded to your main email account
Can't access or sign into this account
Can't send or receive emails from this account

Now that you know the difference between an email account and a forwarder, find out how to create an email forwarder.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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